Psychologist Position

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Psychologist Position – Brazilian American Center, BRACE-
Job Description
This is limited one-year position ending in March 2019. This is a consultant position working 20 to 25 hours per month.

The Brazilian American Center BRACE is a non-profit status (501(c) (3) organization serving the immigrants population of Metro West. The organization started 17 years ago to discuss the increase in Brazilian immigrants, as well as the many issues that were arising with the increasing migration numbers. It was established the “Good Samaritan Office” which evolves to the BRACE in 2012 to extend the centers services into the community.
BRACE’s mission is to welcome and empower all immigrants irrespective of nationality race, age, sex or religion, preserving the values and cultural identity of each, and to help them in the arduous process of integration and adaptation into the American mainstream society.
BRACE’s primary focus is on educating and supporting the immigrant community, so each person can better advocate for themselves. Our goals are to provide educational opportunities, psychosocial accompaniment, cultural programs, sport, arts, community service, and community collaborations. The center offers several services to the community including psychological counseling services, legal advice, health, job placement, housing, and educational facilities (ESL, Citizenship), assistance with filling health insurance and immigration paperwork, consular services, and legal assistance. More information is available at
The objective of this position is to Support and recover young Latin-American migrants and their families in the prevention of symptoms of depression and suicide and domestic violence in Framingham. The psychologist will work closely with the Project Coordinator and the Executive Director of BRACE.
1. Create and implement two groups of support and recovery addressed to Latin American families in the community including Hispanics and Brazilians.
a. Group of support and recovery in prevention of symptoms of depression and suicide in Latino adolescents
b. Group of support and recovery in prevention of domestic violence in Latino immigrant families

2. Create the appropriate methodology and implement the groups of support and recovery. The groups are proposed to be conducted alternating every other week, one time a week for 10 months.
3. Support the Project coordinator in creating a participant recruitment process to strategically disseminate the information of the services to the Framingham community.
4. Support the monitoring and evaluation process through the application of instruments (survey) for the beneficiaries of the groups and elaborate bimonthly reports of the findings and needs.
5. Help the Executive Director and the Project coordinator in creating materials, and organizing workshops as a part of the project, as needed.
The project expects to attend at least 20 people per group, translated to approximately 40 families and representing at least 160 family members impacted through the support and recovery groups.

Basic Requirements
• BA/BS in Psychology and related Associate Degree.
• 2-3 years of relevant work experience, mainly conducting groups of support with minority groups such as adolescents, women, migrants, among others.
• Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.
Preferred Qualifications
• Excellent organizational ability, attention to detail.
• Able to cooperate with others, team spirit, and ability to develop solutions independently.
• Experience in non-profit organizations is a plus.
• Passionate about community service and social assistance.
• Skills in community-building, relationship cultivation are a strong plus.
• Demonstrated interest and sensitivity with minority groups, especially with the migrant population of Hispanic and Brazilian origin.
• Availability to conduct support and recovery groups at the BRACE offices in Framingham.
Special Work Schedule Requirements
• Consultant position, 20 to 25 hours per month.
• Schedule to define based on the project planning.
Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to Liliana Costa – Executive Director, at
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