III Art Exhibition – 12th Anniversary of Brace


The III Art Exhibition, scheduled for March 23, 2024, at 8 pm, at 560 Waverly St, Framingham, MA, promises to be a vibrant celebration of artistic prowess.

Set against the backdrop of the 12th anniversary of Brace, this event aims to showcase the diverse talents and creativity of Brazilian artists, offering a platform for their works to be appreciated and recognized. The convergence of these milestones amplifies the significance of cultural expression and community engagement, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Through this exhibition, both the III Art Exhibition and the 12th anniversary of Brace will leave a lasting impact on the arts scene, promoting Brazilian artists to a global audience.

Join us to this event.  Art exhibitions are a fantastic way to showcase the talent and creativity of artists.


About the artists:

Roberto Madrona   Brazilian Artist

Since I was young, I was interested in drawings and sometimes did pencil illustrations as a hobby. However, a few months ago I discovered I had a gift for painting. After my wife gave me some canvases, I began to sketch images related to Catholicism. To my surprise, my first painting (Divine Mercy), caught the attention of family and friends. They were drawn in by the richness of detail and quality of the painting. I was amazed with the feedback as I have never taken a painting course. A passion for art and painting was born, and several paintings took shape. Today, I continue to improve my techniques and challenge myself in new ways, and I am very happy with the evolution and the community’s recognition of my work.




Oneil Pimentel  Brazilian Artist

“My name is Oneil Pimentel and I am from Vitória, Brasil. I am self-taught and started painting in 2001 as a way to escape from the real world and the real problems. At first my work reflected my thirst for color and warmth in a city where winters can really affect you. However, the long periods of cold weather did not stop me from loving Boston and all it has to offer. That is when I, almost inadvertently, started portraying my surroundings in bold, cheerful and colorful acrylics that bring out the true livelihood behind the Bostonian architecture. I hope you enjoy these images, as much as I do.



Lilian de Oliveira  Brazilian Writer

  A woman from Goiás, Brazil,  passionate about children’s literature who lives in the USA.  Teacher by love, mother by even more love and dreamer by nature. I love children and I love a story that makes me imagine a fantasy world. I often say that I have my feet in the clouds and my head on the moon.




Luiz Madrid   Writer and Photographer

Born in São Paulo, Brazil. His passion for art began with theater in 1974, when initiated his studies at performing school “ Teatro Escola Macunaíma.” He participated in several productions involving children’s theater, circus, and dance. He moved to the US in 1988 and today resides in north Boston, MA. Luiz reconnected with his passion for art in 2018, published two collections of poems: “Reencontro” (2019) and “Retrajetoria (2020), mixing his photography and writing. For the past three years, he has been studying creative writing, and his first illustrated children’s literature book will be published this summer.He is a passionate young photographer. In his work, he is seeking to register the beauty and the importance of the nature around us, in different parts of the world.




Liliana Souza    Brazilian Artist

From Ataleia, Brazil, born on June 12, 1965, has 2 children. In my youth, I awakened the desire to work with plaster painting, I started playing with brushes and paint. At the beginning, it was a little frustrating, due to the lack of knowledge. I never went to art school for better learning. But with struggles, I overcame the challenges and reached my goals. In 2014,  I started with acrylic art, that’s where I started recreating my first canvas, based on abstract foliage art. Today, already exhibiting and exporting my art to Brazil. I can tell my story, amidst the admiration I cultivate the vibrant colors of art, which brings me inner peace, having discovered the pleasure of working with paint on canvas.  PS: ´show the world the colors and shapes that your heart is revealing´.